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What do you know about Don Quixote?

He was a fool.

And I love him.

I think I saw The Man of La Mancha 7 times. Actually, I think the play is better than the book.
But in either case, the real glory is that he TRIED.

To my knowledge there is only one sure way to fail.
That is not to try.

More about your work thru this Site -

OK. What  happens next if I participate?

Well, I do not know you at this moment. . .
. . . and your work will depend upon the circumstances of that time - and upon YOU.
But, given that, I'd estimate the following:

If Short-Term, First Recruit.
You talk with me as to nature of Concept, then research and find who will be right for Long-Term, Main Recruit.
Where this person may be, How to reach him/her. What the best Deal shall be for us.

If Long-Term, Main Recruit.
You will learn and accomplish all tasks needed, working with us with the expectation that you will become the next leader. We seek a person with one or more children. Children are important. Check out the Children.
The expected work is fixing up your own housing first, and a variety of office work,
including making our web site easy to understand (not so much now)
> then you start multi-tasking: Help on other projects, Research and find another Participant, and Tell the Story.
In other words, post on our website what we have done, good and bad.
We hope to create an enticing picture that will draw not only more Participants, but Sponsors and outside people to help us.

We expect to provide you housing, probably a vehicle, some college classes,
- starting in LA, then probably in San Diego area.
The areas of action shall be: Construction, Computers, Integration, Story-Telling, Recruitment...
I am trying to be very realistic with this concept, but it is based on my history. I have done everything that I propose, except start a Charity. You and others, will help me with that.
It ain't easy - but its possible.