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My Plan
- I love this cartoon.

My Plan is to do good for ALL of us. You'll see this again later -
The best deal is the one that is good for BOTH parties.
You will read some pretty heavy stuff in this site.
I simply do not know your history or Point of View (POV),
but I do know that how you interpret what you read will be informed by your POV.

Some will think this cannot be done - it is a fantasy
- all sorts of excuses.

And they will be right - if they insist on that POV.
I'm giving you a load of information here, to assist your POV.

I know it can be done.

And I am looking for the Participants who will do it.

As short as I am able to put it: The concept behind the Foundation (as expressed in  ) is to have you, and your family help integrate a refugee family into life in the USA. Improving their - and our - understanding of the practical and philosophical elements of the American Dream as best envisioned by the Founders of U.S.A. We all learn.