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The News is you.

Well, you - and maybe another person.
We see this as a two step process.

The 1st person may be Part-Time, on contract, work from Home.

The main job for that person would be to find the Second and research the information needed to create a good deal for both of us.

The next would be fully committed as described in most of this Site.

It could be anybody with energy, integrity, ambition,
ability to learn, and dedication needed for the project

But I happen to need a Veteran who can inform me as to the nature of our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, who knows?

Our purpose is to help both the Veteran
- and the refugee from our incessant wars.

You will have the opportunity to help yourself, family and others, building The Valerie Bonzer Foundation for the American Dreamer, as well as assisting in keeping my existing businesses going.  More info on our Charity is at:  - Which site needs your help in making it more simple, easier to understand, and attractive to the reader.