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Childrens.Cafe . . . .
Children will Lead Us

What we can’t teach youthen the CHILDREN can !

We are not looking for just a single individual for this Project.
We are looking for a FAMILY
- preferably with a young child.

Children will lead us.

Where? Why?
---So what is happening in the world today?
We are not only embarrassing ourselves and the American Dream, we are killing our own people and other innocents (along with some bad guys).
There are certainly other ways to persuade people.

Our purpose is to assist a few as a model for assisting many.
We wish to bring the American Dream to life. Show it in process.
Why is Freedom important?  Why should disparate* individuals/cultures cooperate with each other?

A 5 year old girl taught me something. My wife is Chinese and thinks Mao was a great guy. I don't quite agree, though he may have been better than some Emperors. So we have a cultural-political difference.
Well, she also has a brother who has a daughter, my niece.
At the age of 5, Miss. C. came to visit us in August, speaking only Mandarin. By late Sept. she was playing with a variety of US children, jabbering away - just as they were. Not only learning language and culture, but dragging me in to meet the parents of these various children.  I am not a very social person, but I didn't have much choice.
Guess what? I learned from and enjoyed both the children and adults.

In spite of a number of flaws, we, at the American Dreamer feel that the USA culture and philosophy is valuable.
it is better integrate and teach what is really inside of it, than assault and reject those seeking the American Dream.

I see the children as the glue for these disparate cultures. There is not one person in USA who is not descended from an immigrant. . . . Native Americans migrated thousands of years ago (probably from Asia), Europeans, much more recently. Every immigrant group seems to have some difficulty integrating with the previous immigrants. The Europeans had a bit of difficulty killing off the previous natives, the Latins, Irish, Africans, etc. had difficulty integrating with the European immigrants.
So we want to help a few families over that bump.

And we want to be practical.
The theory and inspiration is important, but the theory was developed to allow individuals of all backgrounds, a good, productive life.

Now, I have a particular skill set. I am really not going to be very effective teaching brain surgery
- possibly flying - certainly construction, maintenance, opening businesses, restaurants.

So there it is:   
I am suggesting that we set up these few families in a business:
  + +   

They work together and build it.


What is  and how does it work?

It is in fact a cafe for children - and their parents.

" Many years have gone by since Le Cafezoide first opened and it is still a resounding success, especially for local residents, however, anyone is welcome, from any culture and any background, although of course, everything is in French.

You will find different dedicated areas that cater to the needs of all ages of children with a space specifically for mothers and newborns through to a toddler play area and a tree house and slide, a computer area, a winter garden, a painting area, a teen bar, etc.

And every day that the Cafezoide is open, there are many different activities and workshops on offer such as face painting and poster art, through to theatre, acting, mime and circus skills.  Children could learn judo or yoga, enjoy listening to different music or learn dances such as salsa or hip hop to name a few things organised throughout the year.
Plus they have the opportunity to see shows, films, and numerous other events that are organised around themes, like treasure hunts, discovering different aspects of other cultures and countries, exhibitions, games tournaments, storytelling sessions and much more that will keep any child or teenager happy and occupied."   -

There is an entrance fee for the adults that includes a coffee or tea. More food and treats at extra cost. Special activities may cost a separate price, but also include a drink or snack.

I am not sure we can beat the location in Paris, but I am pretty sure we can beat the quality of food.

I already own one or two locations where we could set this up. The Charity would pay a bit below Market rent for the location, and the Participants would operate the business, for a share. If they succeed for a few years, the Charity would sign off - and the business would be theirs.

Par of my Assistant's job would be to research fair numbers and a fair written contract. We do not want this to be just promises. It needs to be earned, but it would be a written contract with specific mile-points.


* dis·pa·rate - /ˈdispərət,dəˈsperət/    adjective
1.essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.
"they inhabit disparate worlds of thought"
synonyms:        contrasting, different, differing, dissimilar, unlike, unalike, poles apart;

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