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You would replicate me . . . ??

Well, maybe -  
- maybe parts of me.

It's the variety and opportunities of my work history . . . That's your work.

The fat, lazy guy I am now, hmmm ??


I am a Dreamer.

Well - - -    
Here's what I do/done
- and wish to do

I was raised with WWII Pilots -  veterans, who seem to be a tougher generation than today. I dreamed of being a pilot - and a cowboy - and of having intellectuals visiting my ranch. Oddly, that sort of came true in one of my projects, Hilltop at Truckee.

..The point I am making here, is that Dreams can come true - do come true - but often not exactly as one imagined. Like a dream at night. You can recognize the people and situations, but there is a sort of surreal aspect.  

You are right to Dream.

What can you imagine doing with your Life?
It's called ambition - "Go-Get-It" - It's called the American Dream...
And THAT is what this country was built for.
In terms of replicating me - the thing to keep in mind is the variety, willingness to do the work well, and the acceptance that it will probably be tougher, take longer - just cost more than you dreamt.
But the other thing I have learned is that when done well and with persistent energy, the work may well turn out much, much better than anticipated.
I do projects. Not always easy.  I take an idea and build something with it. Mostly renovating slum buildings, but also starting Restaurants, Hotel, Ski Area, Horse rides, Aircraft flight, maintenance, Parts sale, and writing - oh, also a failed movie in Paris. (It's OK to fail but keep going.) I have slept in barns, basements, trailers, hired homeless off the street (usually not so successful), worked for and helped quadriplegics,  and gotten Green Card and Citizenship for Mexican immigrant - who also worked very hard.

You may have done more - or less. It doesn't matter.
What matters is that you have guts, determination,  and persistence to make this work.

     We are seeking an intelligent Veteran of high energy and honor who has been to Afghanistan/Iraq and returned with little hate and an open mind who desires to improve his place in Life.

We make better   - for me - for you - for others. 

... because ... because, along with all the other stuff we shall do - we shall also create a Charity, The Valerie Bonzer Foundation for the American Dreamer, whose purpose is to help Veterans (you and others) and refugees.
... and a significant job will be to improve the Website, and tell our Story.