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Learn & Teach   

If you already have the World figured out, I do not know how much I can help you. This concept may not be the right one for you.

Quite frankly, we are looking for someone who has energy, integrity -

and knows s/he would like a little help.

I would.
I would like some help.


I've done a lot, but I have had help.

I have learned from Jack London, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, my son, my wife, and a little black man who helped us clean our house and wire our electricity. He smiled while he worked, and I loved working with him. His attitude was the best lesson he gave me. Along with moral values, my mother taught me a very simple accounting system. My son has taught me (trying to teach me) to refrain from arrogance. My wife is trying to teach me to STOP. My Step-father taught me to fly at 13. Another Step-father to swim and dive. My dad taught me about Buddies (I'm still trying to learn).

My mother is one great model and helper. Her success is not living in her 102nd year, or going from Depression Pittsburgh poverty to an independent millionaire. It is the Arc of her Life, what she has created, those she has helped, and how she enjoyed herself through hard work, fear and suffering.
And I learned most of my construction skills by watching individuals who knew more than I - then trying myself.
I know I will learn from you.