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Garden - Farm - Outside

- I do not know what your major Dream will be. I have found all of these things to be interesting - exciting and fun. Still, Hard Work. But having fun with your work is a matter of choice in your mind (mostly - there are exceptions).

My wife is very good in the garden, she will probably guide you in that area - but she also can learn from you. We already know we have some garden work.

We also have open Farm-Ranch land. Whoever YOU are, you will likely have some influence on what we work on, when, and the extent we delve into that project. We regularly grow flowers, vegetables, and fruit. I think I said before, that I have worked with animals and love them.

There is already plenty of variety - and you can make your suggestions.


If - I say IF because how am I to know your desires?

If you fancy an open country life, we happen to have some acres available.

The Big Lonesome

flowers local
We also encourage gardens of more townsy variety.