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25th & Market.

This was actually one of our bigger jobs here.

The white stuff is quick-lime to absorb the raw sewerage that spilled into the basement, and probably was a major reason to sell us the place.

My plan from early on was to make this a workroom or apartment.

My wife and I slept in a 1970s trailer parked in the side yard, while the work was done.

We dug the basement another 3' deeper and set in reinforced walls and cement floor with drain. I did very little digging myself.

It's not finished yet.
wk.Basement structure done

It is a step-by-step process.

It is available now as a safe storeroom.

While cluttered, it is dry, clean and has sufficient height to be livable.

It is about 20'x20' - the size of one of my 1 bedroom Apts at Venice Beach.

I intend to attach the entrance to a Greenhouse and large aviary.

Do I intend for you to live in this basemement?
No, I probably will for a time.
My goal for you is to own your own home and business, support yourself and family at a reasonable level of comfort and joy......
But it is Step-by-Step.
And it ain't always easy.

This is what I believe to be the American dream..... More or less.

And that's our job.......
To make the American dream work for you......
And for some others.