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106-20110213-VB FGK Office History - 05

OK - I just needed a picture of an Office.

I try to show our actual work.

Any significance?

Well, my mother bought that desk in 1947 for $5.00 - used, of course.

She is my major model. Singlish, raising me, she started her own Aircraft War Surplus business and drove all over USA, alone or with me, to find and sell parts.

She came from Depression Pittsburgh... real depression.

Along with construction and maintenance, there is considerable office work - as I have done and she has done.


Note - my mother is still working at this desk in her 102nd year.
And what will you be doing?

Learning a Business, Web Design, and Telling the Story
- In an ideal world, you will either know, or I will teach you
How to run a business
, the office work and accounting (in simple form) and some art:
How to build a WebSite
(better than I, we hope),
How to design buildings
, room, in a pleasing manner,
How to Tell the Story
in words and cinema style. (better than I, we hope - did I say that before? Well, if you show desire and promise, I will send you to school to exceed me.)
We need to Tell the Story if we wish this concept to grow beyond just two families.
Oh. And by the by, you need to succeed for me to succeed.

How YOU can help others
by doing well for yourself.

106-20110213-VB FGK Office History - 05.jpg