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AT-6D "Texan" also "Harvard"

That's what it is, if you were wondering.
What does it have to do with you - or whoever would be doing this work?
Well, nothing directly, 'cause I sold it.

But it is/was a warplane that did much more after WWII than during. It's some 77 years old, and was designed and started in 1936.

That was far beyond what its inventors imagined.

So it is a symbol in two ways.
Things (your actions) can go far, far beyond what you can imagine now.
Two. We are not just re-building buildings. We have other projects.

You see this website here - better, I think than what I did before - but could be MUCH better. And more up with the times (if that is good).
Also, we still have an aircraft. A P-51D, Mustang. And it is planned to serve us well. And we have aircraft parts.
We will have projects inside of projects.
Well, that's all for now on that subject.

There is just more to this,
and more you can make of it.

Maybe Flying Lessons -
Maybe it Ain't all pretty.