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Life as an American Dreamer

We have not forgotten Life ! - or $$

117-FGK-Hilltop Haywagon

If you are in this at all, we are in it together.

I use the hay-wagon image because it is fun and an example of life in one of my projects. The children are from hotels guests and some of my workers. As I said earlier, we get involved.

So we will figure out your compensation together.
I very well understand the average reaction:
"As much as I can get." 
But way back, I stated a principle:
" The best deal is the one that is good for BOTH parties." And in this case we have you, your family, me, mine, the next Participant - and the Project - ALL Parties.

At this time I have minimal cash, but a few resources. But I would not have started this with so many Dreams riding upon it with only those resources. The planned funding (realistic) for the Project, is about $1,000,000.00 cash and the use of many of my assets. So what should be your compensation for each year?

Once someone shows an interest and gets serious, we will have a serious discussion and see what works for that family. I have no idea who will respond, but I suspect it will be someone who is ambitious and likes challenges.

Next. The potential Participant will need to read the full website – both of them and be ready to ask questions. Then we will both ask more questions. Then we may go to a one or two day trial work.
Then I will need some verifiable documentation and a more complete application.

I find an example with a PHD a couple years out of Cambridge University, making about $40,000/yr.
In an ideal world, I will support three families till they graduate to either their own business, or a good job with someone else. I am hoping-guessing that it might take 2-3 years for such graduation. $40k x 3 x 3 = $360,000.
If there were no other costs, I could do this 2 maybe 2.5 times. I'd be proud of that. But of course there are other costs. Yet if I can use properties I already have, and get them up to speed fast enough, the people cost would be the main expense. So I think, if we are efficient, I've got a good chance to do this two times.

That’s the place I’m starting. Then we need to work together to be most efficient. At bottom of this page, I’ll go back to $$.

This person and family will have access to my family and data. Before we get very deeply into that, I will require a Security check, Drug test, and medical information . . . What does military require to enter a secure area?  I do not know, but that will be part of our discussion. This is not a Body-Guard position. They will not be living in the same house, but close. We shall probably have some meals together, travel on occasion. I might send them, or we may go together.

This little conglomeration to the right is what we call the Cottage and Bird House… we used to keep Macaws in one side.

Depending how it is set up, it is 2-3 small bedrooms, kitchen, 2 baths, living-room and an office. It is office and storage now. It needs to be cleaned out and some fixes.

I see this as more developing a partnership than a job hire.

Bird House
Grand Canal

We will probably meet at my little place at
Venice Beach on the Grand Canal.

Talk first. I can show pictures and examples.

You will ask questions. I will ask questions.

This is an unusual project, but it is not mysterious. The project is subject to inspection, I am also – as well as the person interviewing.

The spouse is welcome, as well as the children… or they can go to the beach or drop in and out.

Should we agree that this may be interesting a prelim application will be filled out and driver’s license copied.


--- More on $$

If the world can see what we are doing, and we Tell a Good Story, we have a fair chance of finding Sponsors and raising money to do it again - perhaps on a larger scale.  That will be a matter of Art, hard work, and, and...

... Time. The longer we have to keep the ball in play, the better odds of raising more money. I think that can be done with Conservation of Resources, and Efficiency.

How do we conserve our resources and get efficient? We use the resources I already have as efficiently as possible.

What do I have? What do you have?
Well I do not know what you have, but I cannot in good faith use you as Participants, if you do not have Integrity, Energy, Endurance, . . . and some Smarts. So we will assume you have those qualities.
I have some stuff, plus a good idea.
I have an airplane - that's the million dollar fund.
I've got houses and land. - That's  a big cost to most people. And while each place I have could use improvement, in my eyes, each is a little paradise.  So if you use my houses, at my cost, your bills will be lower and if similar POV, your enjoyment will be higher - thus not requiring as much cash.
And I have STUFF. Probably enough to furnish 3 or more houses, plus more to sell, including art and aircraft parts.
Thus further time from conversion of stuff to cash.
I also have at least one car for your use. I expect to pay for most of the gas.

The cheapest 2BR in our 1st area, West Hollywood, is $2450, and most over $3000/mo. So let's say $2500/mo. = $30k  Wow!
Let's try my area in San Diego. In the immediate area, only 5 available, lowest $1395. Then within walking distance, each other climbs by $100/mo to $2400. - And that's a pretty poor area. But still not bad, and advancing.
I'll use $1500/mo - $18k/yr.
The idea being to Strrrreech the cash, and use the resources.

This will require Integrity, Energy, Endurance.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Frederick Kohler,
Best E-mail:   
Contact us 310-276-8224 leave a message and you will hear back quickly.

ALL Mail:
PO Box 69606, Los Angeles, CA, 90069 USA

To be a man is, precisely, to be responsible.
It is to feel shame at the sight of what seems to be unmerited misery.
It is to take pride in a victory won by one’s comrades.
It is to feel, when setting one’s stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world.
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Wind Sand and Stars


117-FGK-Hilltop Haywagon.jpg