AmericanDreamer Hiring Assisstant / Not a Job - an Avocation
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Some Seasons they wear spikes.
What's the red on my face?

A variety of skills to enjoy and learn.

When you get tired of one job
- do another.

Everybody gets cut on the job - sometime or another.

This beautiful 1500# gal behind me, tapped me with her shoe as she dragged me along the ground.
Another long story.

But the same theme: Enjoy!
Get into the Project.

I, personally, leave a touch of blood on whatever part of the work happens to leave a mark.

Are we planning to work with horses? - Not at this time.
But if you want to.... ???
sewer GC
clean up
Electric dig
Sewer work is almost certain.
Painting - certain.
Clean up
Some Electrical work
Dig - Sure
Chuck Wagon
... so maybe horses???
More on this when we come to the cafe.