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Tell the Story
- Sales & PR

Sort of a dirty word. . .
but no, not really.
Maybe, as a nation, we overdo this Consumerism thing, and we have become soft and spoiled.

But good work and hard work need to be shown also.

And PR, Telling the Story, is probably correct - if the idea is good and we want to see it grow.

We are an example, a Model:  While we are doing this, we shall tell the story of our problems (of which we can be sure) and successes which we must earn. There is real art in both the design and the telling of the story, and  a good avenue for those with such inclinations.
Why is our Charity called:
The Valerie Bonzer Foundation for the American Dreamer
What will we be doing? We will renovate one or more properties, using families from disparate cultures. To a large or small degree, the initial property will be primitive and needing some serious work to reach a pleasant and agreeable living environment. This is expected to be a challenge and hard work, and probably lead to creating of a Children’s Café, from which an income can be earned.
My personal first model.
...happens to be my mother, but still a grand model for achieving oe's Dream (Gola) within the Freedoms of U.S.A. and by hard work and intelligence.
Models work:  Lindbergh
Lindbergh as a model:  When the twenty-five-year-old former airmail pilot safely landed his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, at Le Bourget Field near Paris, France, after a 33½-hour flight from Long Island, New York, on May 20–21, 1927, Americans gained a new confidence in air travel. Suddenly, everybody wanted to fly. In 1929 more than 170,000 paying passengers boarded United States airliners—nearly three times the 60,000 that had flown the previous year. Almost 3 million more—most of them businesspeople—traveled in private planes in 1929. Even Mickey Mouse took to the air, mimicking Lindbergh’s flight in the 1928 Walt Disney cartoon Plane Crazy.

Please forgive my failure in Political Correctness:
Intelligence counts, as well as integrity and sobrity.

I realize that todays" "Celebrities" demonstrate a differnet ethic, but I grew up with WWII Veterans.

I am not a politician who will tell you you can get something for nothing - or to hate another because s/he is a generation later arriving. We shall Tell the Story we create.