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This may be the way you know me.

But I was not always an elder statesman -
nor did I stand by myself.
I chose my road, and if less traveled,
I took to the Road with compatriots.

to imagine, inspire and achieve

Do you know him ?

Now, you can find your Road. . .
create GREEN Buildings at low cost - include the earth - demonstrate how YOU can achieve

NEWS - Now - or ASAP
We try to keep you posted on what is happening NOW Stories of what actually happens - since Plans often go awry (with us, usually improving)
Just a working title . . .
the American Dreamer seeks enthusiastic, personable, and ambitious individuals who wish to help us create this business with which they can receive a fair salary, and be able to acquire options to own the business itself, in about 5 years.
We are trying to keep this simple. We own the sites, have the money to start.
You can get lost in old stuff, below - eventually, we'll clean up the whole site, but for this KISS.
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