AmericanDreamer - 06/24/19 --- OLD Material Being Rebuilt
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Another Grant is being created. This is a process.

If interested in creating a Project specifically designed for you, please write:

In Meantime . . .
Note: This and further pages are old work - Under Construction, Not neccessairly valid now.

ex108-IMG_8782 ex109b-cafezoide_image_2 ex109c-barefoot-books-storytellers-cafe1

These are former parojects being re-worked.

ex109d-cafezoide_image_3 ex109e-shakespeare-and-company-bookstore-for-kids ex109k-FGK+CYN-FullSizeRender
ex109d-cafezoide_image_3.jpg ex109e-shakespeare-and-company-bookstore-for-kids.jpg ex109k-FGK+CYN-FullSizeRender.jpg
ex110-20190327_FGK wk P51113501 ex110-Joe Btfsplk-Lil Abner.B ex110-Joe Btfsplk-Lil Abner.G
ex110-20190327_FGK wk P51113501.jpg ex110-Joe Btfsplk-Lil Abner.B.jpg ex110-Joe Btfsplk-Lil Abner.G.jpg