T-6 Info+Pix 2000s - 10/07/14
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Now, we are selling AT-6D, Triple Nickle

1942, rather stock. About 6040 hours Total, 270+/- hrs SMOH engine

The aircraft would include an OHC engine, and various parts, including cowling, and assorted parts, some are pictured:

AT-6 D with gunner seat and canopy 
+ + + many extras >> you choose the price $150-175,000
Air Wolf Filter, incl.



This is the current status of my aircraft
While I would like to sell the plane soon,
I am quite busy and expect to sell Licensed and ready to fly. . .

Just now finishing Annual /100Hour/ IRAN -
It's still open - a great time to see how clean and sound this aircraft is.

It is not a Golden Wrench, but it is solid and ready to fly at a price and stage you can help determine. Fly for 10 years as-is or fly for the summer and then upgrade. $175,000??? You can help me determine price.



Please contact me with your questions and ideas.


Frederick Kohler,
Best E-mail: mail@P51.com    
310-276-8224 | mobile 310-927-5552  + 310-703-7191 > PO Box 69606, Los Angeles, CA, 90069 USA

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