SDG-533 OverLook Location-31Aug14 / 03.SDG-25th to Walk or Bike to PLACES - 31-Aug-14 -
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...533 The San Diego Overlook is at the Purple point. A is Backside (closest) of Balboa Park 0.6mi (20min walk), B is the SDG Convention Center (south end of 5th Ave.),
is Santa Fe Train/Metro Depot 2.1mi (1hr walk), D is Midway Aircraft Carrier,2.1mi (1hr walk), and main Harbor Center. E is 5th Ave, Restaurants & NightClubs + Ghirardelli, 1.2mi (40min walk), F is Pardres Baseball Park 1.2mi (40min walk); G is Barrio 1.1mi (30min walk), H is Hilton Hotel on Bay 1.5mi (45min walk), and -
- at 2 O'clock is M for closest Market, GH, Grant Hill Park

We have another Map with more SDG features - driving.