SDG-533 OverLook Location- 31-Aug-14 -

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10.IMG_0145 ...over the Bay... 11.IMG_0144 arrive in Coronado Island ...
12.IMG_0152 ...with Marinas... 12a.hoteldel_beachatdusk_900x600-410x410 the Del Coronado
12b.NorthIsland+Del to OverLook-Arrow North Island Naval Air Station
The Del to The San Diego OverLook
13.IMG_0147 ...and back to The Naval Yard,
and The Barrio
14.IMG_0137 ....from The OverLook
Behind us, to the East is that
cute little Grant Hill Park

in the trees beyond large building being remodeled. - two Blocks
15.SDG DnTown from 531-20130324_111507 and this is looking down Market to DownTown
SDG531-Goog-5Ap13 an early shot from Google
... before we got to work
SDG531-GoogOHsizes-5Ap13 1st Step of the design work

Hotel Del Coronado

Eat and play there...
and sleep with us.

smores_family_900x600-410x410 We go to the Del Beach -
close, historic, and one of the best.