SDG-533 OverLook Location- 31-Aug-14 -

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01.SanDiego You know where San Diego is... 02.SDG-531-LgMap-6Ap13

It is quite a town

Everything glorious is close.
The OverLook is 1.2 miles from 5th Ave.

03.SDG-25th to 5thAve-Arrow

The OverLook is cheap!
Well, it's a very good price, plenty of room and accessible to the best of SDG -
with only a bike or by feet.

Places Nearby

04.SDG531-GoogOH-Area-5Ap13 Freeways are not my favorite,
but handy to The OverLook
05.531a-view Se-IMG_0140 What you see across The Barrio
is The Navy Yard
and the hills of Mexico
06.IMG_0011 Not bad at night
07.IMG_0131 This is 25th Street & Market 08.IMG_0134 And from The OverLook
you can see the Coranado Bridge
08a.IMG_0179 with The Navy Yard to its south... 09.IMG_0146 ...and up and...Next